Turn Your Hobby into a Profitable Business


Hobby to Business

This course takes you on a journey where you will learn how to turn your hobby into
a full blown business.


Course Outline


Module 1: Defining “Hobby” & “Business”
Module 2: Structure a Business Plan
Module 3: Registering Your Business Online (LLC,Trademark,etc)
Module 4: Defining A Revenue Stream (Ads, E-Commerce)
Module 5: Market Research (Niche, Audience, Stats)
Module 6: Setting Up Your Web Domain (Domain Name)
Module 7: Setting Up Your Website (Blog/Site creation tools)
Module 8: Marketing Your Business (Social Media)
Module 9: Managing Clients/Employees (Invoicing Services)
Module 10: Expanding the Business (Summary/Future)

Who Is This For?


This guide is for those hobbyists with a vision to work and earn money in something they’re truly passionate about. Young or old it is never too late to get started.

This course is for those who may be stuck and evaluating whether or not the risks of starting
a business are worth it.




When is the right time to start your business? One must evaluate a series of questions and scenarios to understand when you are truly ready to take the leap into being an entrepreneur.

This course will present key questions for you to evaluate to make sure you are ready to run
a successful business. It begins by defining a hobby and a business.

What separates them?

How you can access whether you can truly build a business from your hobby? From there we venture into the registration process of a business.

Trademarks, copyright, business plans and more.

After establishing your business, this guide will detail constructive ways to research your market, find your niche, and develop a stream of revenue.

The leap from hobby to business is a big one and this guide illustrates scenarios you will want to take into account before you start your own business.

You will learn the structure and function of a business’ mission statement and its profits.

You’ll learn about marketing your business on the web.

Social Media is a huge new force to be reckoned with and whether you are a local business or a global business, you need to know the importance of interacting with the world.

Throughout the course you’ll find a plethora of resources from services & sites both free and paid that you can apply to your business. Beneficial services like accounting to setting up your business website where you’ll walk through the steps of deciding a domain name, registering your domain name on the web, and building a site from there.

You will be explained the importance of each step so that you can understand why each move is key to structuring your business for success. The latter half of the guide looks at taking your established business and growing from there.

You learn how to develop payment structures to funding your business. You learn new methods of receiving payments from your customers and clients. The business from there will grow and expand as the years go on. You must set goals for future of your business.

A business without a vision will not last very long.

The last chapters in the guide will apply everything you learned and building from there. You will create a 5, 10, 20 year outline of how you’d like to see your business to grow. You’ll decide what needs to change and adapt as time goes on.

Overall this course looks at taking something you are truly passionate about and building it into something that can be sustainable and profitable. You will assess the what, when, and why of each decision you make. You’ll be provided with key examples of highly recommended services to use throughout.

Each step of the way is explained in great detail so you don’t have to be a developer, designer, have a financial background to run and manage your business. The age of the internet has brought so many tools to our disposal. For little to nothing we can set up our own websites and monetize them.

The course covers services such as Google Adsense and using them to make profits from affiliates like Youtube videos or blogging. You’ll learn how to add a layer of monetization to your website without ruining the content. Most importantly this guide teaches the importance of genuinely caring in your passion.

If you don’t believe in your product or service, your customer won’t either. That is a key lesson the guide will illustrate. As a new business owner, you’ll encounter a series of obstacles and questions. You will decide whether it’s time to take your hobby to the next level. You’ll decide whether to expand or if it isn’t worth the time. You’ll decide when it’s time to move onto another project or business.

You started out doing something you enjoyed and did for fun but now with the weight of profits are you built for the task? These are just some of the risks involved and the only way you’ll only know is by starting.

Taking advantage of the internet age and ease to create a international brand. Turn your simple hobbies like babysitting, photography, or design into a full blown business.

Get started with an idea and a passion and turn it into a profitable and prospering business.

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