Internet Millionaire Opens Up His “Traffic Secrets” Video Vault & Reveals How To Get 10,000 Leads in 100 Days Without A Big Ad Budget Or “Hacker-Like” Computer Skills

August 14, 2016

From the Desk of Matt Lloyd

mbmrwr-mattlloyd-286x300-150x1502Dear Home Business Entrepreneur,

There’s a saying in the marketing world that “the money is in the list.”

What that means is that your email list is an asset that can be worth $100s of $1,000s if not MILLIONS of dollars.

You’ve seen how major “gurus” bring in $10s of $1,000s just by sending an email out to their list.

They do it effortlessly.

They can literally “create money out of thin air” and make $10,000… $20,000… even $30,000 (or more) with a SINGLE email.

If you follow affiliate contests or see the numbers that people in this industry put up, you know this is possible.

Here’s a screenshot of the money that Jonathan Budd made for sending out just ONE email to his list for my company, MOBE (more about MOBE later).


Imagine having that kind of power.

Imagine being able to create money out of thin air with an EMAIL.

If you had a list that size, you could create money out of thin air, too.

There’s just one problem…

It’s HARD to build a list.

At least it was.

Until now.


10,000 Leads in 100 Days

This program will show you how to get 10,000 leads in 100 days (or less):

… without a big ad budget

… without “hacker-like” computer skills

… without any of your own products

… without an existing list

You will get a new video every day that will show you how to generate new leads for your list that will BUY.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling.

If you’re already in MOBE, this will take your commissions to the next level in a matter of weeks.

If you’re an affiliate, then this will allow you to build your list, promote affiliate offers and start raking in commissions.

If you have your own products, these leads will be goldmines for your online business.

You see, not only will I show you step-by-step how to get 10,000 leads in 100 days… I will show you how to get QUALITY leads.

That’s important.

This isn’t just about volume.

As you go through the “10,000 Leads” program you’ll discover why 10 “good” leads are better than 100 (or even 1000) “bad” leads.

I’ll reveal my all-time best Traffic Secrets for opening up the “floodgates” and getting a tidal wave of GOOD leads.

Over the course of 100 days, you will watch “over my shoulder” as I walk through everything from creating winning banner ads to negotiating media buys, advertising on Facebook, and setting up solo ads.

I literally record my computer screen as I setup these campaigns and talk you through every single step and show you every button to click… all you have to is follow along and copy what I do.

Here’s a sneak peak…

  •          DAY 4: A directory of lists that sell solo ads… Email Solo Ads are the Number #1 Traffic Source for behemoths like Agora Publishing because they can delivery a TON of leads in 24 to 48 hours.
  •          DAY 12: How to do “ad swaps” and get FREE LEADS using this popular online forum.
  •          DAY 41: A secretly taped phone call with a media buyer. On day 41, you can listen in on this “bootleg interview” and learn how media buys work in the “real world” including all the lingo you need to know to get the best rates.
  •          DAY 3: A super-stealth strategy called “retargeting” (this is something you’ve probably never heard of, and I hesitate to even mention it on a public page like this… you’ll just have to see it to believe it!).
  •          DAY 58: How to get “gurus” in your niche with HUGE email lists to promote you. This may be the most valuable “lesson” in the entire program, since it can generate $100s of $1000s for you for free.
  •          DAY 35: How to create a Facebook ad campaign from SCRATCH… I will go through every step and show you how to write your ad, choose your target audience, and virtually guarantee a higher CTR (Click Through Rate).

Now, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

We’ll talk about the other lessons in a minute, but first I should tell you my story.

In order to understand why “10,000 Leads” is so revolutionary, you need to know how it all got started.

Who I Am & Why “10,000 Leads”
Catapulted My Success

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Matt Lloyd and I’m from Perth, Australia.

I started trying to make money online out of my bedroom in November, 2008.

When I first started out, I was a university student barely making $600 a week mowing lawns and trying online marketing on the side.

Then in early 2009, I dropped out of college.

I committed myself entirely to making money online.

I studied everything I could find and tried every product I could get my hands on.

I worked 10 to 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, trying every “make money online” product out there.

I built websites, wrote articles, tried affiliate programs, built a (small) email list… but NOTHING worked.

I became depressed.

I started taking Zoloft.

I didn’t leave my bedroom for days on end.

But then, my hard work started to pay off.

It started small at first – a sale here, another sale there – then it gained more steam.

It was around this time that the “10,000 Leads” program was born.

The day was December 8th, 2011.

By that time I had built a list of about 9,328 people.

I was an (overly) confident 24 year old, so I bet my mentor James (I can’t say his real name, but you would know him if I did) that I could add 10,000 leads to my list in 100 days.

(Keep in mind, it had taken me 3 years to build a list of 9,328 people and I was now betting that I could more than DOUBLE that in just 3 months!)

How much did I bet him?

10,000 bet$100?


Not even close.

I bet him $10,000.

Crazy, right?

For James, $10,000 was pocket change, but for me $10,000 was VERY daring.

So James took the bet, laughing a little bit… assuming he had just made an easy $10k.

Now, when I realized what I had just done, my head started spinning…

I started thinking about how I could possibly get 10,000 leads in a matter of weeks.

I made a list of “big name” contacts I could ask… guys like Russell Brunson, Adam Holland, and Daegan Smith – people who had added millions of people to different mailings lists.

So, I interviewed them, and put an insane amount of research (and my own money) into finding the quickest, cheapest, and most effective ways to get a TON of leads.

And somehow… it worked.

In fact, it worked even better than I had hoped.

Maybe it was the pressure, or the pure adrenaline, but I figured out several “traffic secrets” that got me to 10,000 leads in just 42 days… less than HALF the time of the contest!

I won BIG with several campaigns, and I also made some mistakes too (that I’ll tell you how to avoid).

The “10,000 Leads” experiment helped catapult me from where I was (a small fish in a big pond) to where I am now… at the helm of the fastest growing company in the home business niche on the planet.

My company MOBE (My Online Business Empire) has now paid out over $6 million in commissions to people like you in 37 countries around the world and a BIG part its success started that day in 2011 when I made a “crazy” bet that I could figure out how to get 10,000 leads in 100 days.

And here’s the best part about the whole “10,000 Leads” experiment…

I put the whole thing on tape.

I Captured It All On Video,
So You Can Literally “Watch Over My Shoulder”
And Copy Exactly What I Do

Even if you’ve never made a banner ad before, or setup a PPC campaign… you can follow along as I show you click-by-click how to do everything from creating your ads to buying media, to tracking your stats.

Look, a lot of programs promise to show you how things work, but very few actually deliver.

They end up glossing over important things in the training, or not mentioning them at all.

“10,000 Leads” is different.

Remember, I was “under the gun” to make this work or I would lose a $10,000 bet.

Yes, I recorded everything so it could be put into a program, but my MAIN motivation was documenting everything for MYSELF as a record of what worked and what didn’t work.

Sure, You Could Spend Your Own Money Figuring This Out and Months Of Your Time… But Why Would You Want To?

Listen, you could try to do this on your own.

But you’d probably waste tens of thousands of dollars and months of your life.


You could learn from my winning campaigns (and my mistakes) and “skip the learning curve.”

I’ve made this about as easy and painless as traffic generation can get, which will save you both TIME and MONEY.

Here are a few more things you’ll learn:

  1. In Foundational Video 5, you’ll learn how to setup “tracking links” so that you’ll never waste a penny on traffic that doesn’t work. (Yes, you also get 10 Foundational Videos that setup the daily lessons).
  2. A real life case study from internet marketing legend Perry Marshall on the “Danger of Surface Level Split Testing” and what single number matters most when it comes to maximizing your profit.
  3. Which banner ad size to use as a test for any new site (in this video you’ll learn which size to “test” before rolling out other banners). (Day 2)
  4. How to negotiate with individual websites for discounted rates on your media buys… you’ll see an email exchange that will show you exactly what to say and (more importantly) what NOT to say. (Day 2)
  5. How to get high-quality leads on a shoestring budget using this localized “social” website. (Day 9)
  6. How to use “pop ups” on your blogs to generate leads for free 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. (Day 14)
  7. A case study of a solo ad I ran that got me a 56% ROI… plus the exact email copy I used that you can “swipe” for your own campaigns. (Day 18)
  8. Why ad agencies can be a GOLDMINE for finding high-trafficked sites, but you need to know how to “talk the talk.” On Day 19, I’ll show you how to sound like a Pro.
  9. How to raise funds for a marketing campaign even if you have no budget… you’ll learn how I raised $10,000 in 48 hours using this “super secret” strategy. (Day 32)
  10. How to setup PPC ads on… the “Facebook of the professional world.” (Day 33)
  11. How to advertise on Facebook… the second most popular site in the world (behind Google) with over 1.28 billion users worldwide. (Day 34)
  12. An ad network where you can run banner ads, text ads, PPV (pay per view) ads, and a few other “experimental” ad types. (Day 49)
  13. How to leverage the power of YouTube to get free views, opt ins, and buyers. (Day 53)
  14. How to use direct mail to get your list exploding with leads (direct mail isn’t just for direct response guys… did you know that Google, the $250 Billion Gorilla of the Internet, relies on mail to generate new customers?) (Day 60)
  15. How I placed 2nd in an affiliate contest as a relative “newbie” and generated over 4,000 leads and a few hundred thousand dollars in sales in a matter of weeks. (Day 64)
  16. A certain traffic source to avoid like the plague. Knowing the “losers” is just as important as knowing the winners in this business, and on Day 67, I’ll show you a website you definitely want to stay away from.
  17. A “sneaky” way to target groups on Facebook using a cutting edge piece of software that extracts Facebook user IDs (we made $10,144 in revenue from a $150.73 ad with this advanced strategy). Day 75

That’s a lot of stuff!

I’m excited just writing about this, but not as excited as Jeff Messina and some of the other people who have used “10,000 Leads in 100 Days.”

“…what Matt does in this, is he actually walks you through and shows you exactly where he is spending his money for marketing and what kind of results he is getting… my results so far: for 4 days of work, total commissions comes up to $1200 dollars, which is pretty nice.”

video placeholder

Hey there everyone, this is a quick video review testimonial for Matt Lloyd, just for anyone who is looking to see what Matt Lloyd’s all about, to see what’s possible, if you have the opportunity or chance to partner or work with him and invest in one of his programs.


My name is Jeff Mesina, I’ve know Matt for 3 years, we’ve kind of taken different paths, but we reconnected pretty recently and I just wanna show you some of the early results from his program. This review will just be about his 10,000 Leads in 100 Days program. When I heard that he was giving himself this challenge, I though, ‘Wow, it’s going to be pretty serious, a big difference from our earlier days together.’


I was very interested. I just went through the ones that I thought applied to me and that I thought I could work with and here are some other results. Now, what Matt does in this, he actually walks you through and shows you exactly where he is spending his money for marketing and what kind of results he is getting.


Here are my early results: I sent 521 clicks to Matt’s funnel, I got 286 opt ins, which is over 50% of the traffic, and goes to show that Matt has a great funnel. Financial results: I have made a couple of sales for $97 each and then I made a $1000 dollars, so for 4 days of work, total commissions comes up to $1200 dollars, which is pretty nice. Thanks a lot Matt, love your funnel, love what you’ve put together here and really love to look over your shoulder and see exactly what you are doing, which I think is a big difference than what a lot of other people talk about.


You know some gurus out there say, ‘You should do this,’ meanwhile they are doing something else. But you are actually showing us exactly what you are doing day to day. Thanks for that I really appreciate it and talk to you soon.

Jeff Mesina, NSW, Australia.

Pretty cool, huh?

Now, I know some of you are eager to get started (you’re an action taker, I like that)… but I want to cover a couple nagging questions for the rest of you.


“Matt, you started this program in 2011. The Internet changes fast… isn’t some of this outdated?”

The Internet does move fast, but the basic principles of marketing never change.

That means that even though a couple of these case studies may be outdated, those principles can be applied to the current technology.

Human psychology hasn’t changed for 1000s of years. That’s why online marketing legends like Frank Kern still study Gary Halbert, David Ogilvy, Robert Collier, and Claude Hopkins… all “old school” pre-Internet marketers.

Everything you’ll see in “10,000 Leads” still works TODAY… the steps can either be followed literally with the same, active traffic sources or with new ones that have taken their place.

Also… “10,000 Leads” is a living, breathing training program.

Remember how I reached my 10,000 lead goal at 42 days?

Well, I’ve been adding videos ever since, but I’ve been VERY selective about what I add. (I want to deliver the highest possible value).

In fact, I’m still adding videos and Bonus Training as I write this letter.

So, when you join “10,000 Leads” today you will get LIFETIME access to the program, and all future videos and training that we add.

There’s no way the future could be outdated, right?


“I Don’t Have Money Lying Around To Put Towards Ads… I Need To Make Money First!”

Times are tough… I get it.

But you can’t make money without either spending money, or spending time.

In “10,000 Leads” I’ll show you how to exponentially grow your list in a very short period of time even if you have a small ad budget, but…

I will also show you 8 different traffic methods that are 100% FREE.

These “free traffic” methods may require time, but they will NOT cost you any money:

  • marketing co-ops
  • YouTube videos
  • social media
  • Joint Ventures
  • ad swaps
  • blog marketing
  • affiliate marketing
  • viral traffic

Fair enough?

Now, I’ll tell you how to join “10,000 Leads in 100 Days” in a minute, but first let’s recap what you get…

The “10,000 Leads in 100 Days” Program

#1 The Foundational Video Training Series ($297 value)

In this 10-video series, we’ll build a strong “foundation” of the basic principles you need to understand before diving into the daily traffic lessons. I’ll cover concepts like… the difference between Fixed Cost and Performance Based advertising, tracking all of your campaigns, and how affiliate programs work.

#2 100 Videos in 100 Days ($1997 value)

This is the core training of “10,000 Leads” and you’ll get a video shot personally by me, each day, for 100 days. You’ll see me logging in to each traffic source, and watch as I go through every detail of how I setup my campaigns and bring in 1000s of new, quality leads.

Nothing is left to the imagination.

You’ll see:

  •          Demonstrations of how I bid on every ad, banner, or paid placement down to the last impression.
  •          Video tutorials for setting up every aspect of a campaign, down to the exact dropdown options to choose, which buttons to clicks, and how to fill out specific fields.
  •          Real numbers from my very own campaigns from my Infusion account and other tracking platforms.
  •          ALL the keywords that I target and how I pick them.
  •          The simple “3-prong test” I put every traffic source through to determine whether or not it will be profitable.
  •          My formula for knowing when to “call it quits” on any ad or campaign.
  •          Detailed click-by-click instructions on how to do this on your own for MOBE or any other niche.
  •          Full transcripts of me negotiating with media buyers and affiliates via email, so you’ll know exactly what to say and (more importantly) what NOT to say to get what you want.
  •          Some of my highest-converting emails that you can “swipe and deploy” for your own campaigns to effortlessly generate leads and sales.

#3 Access To My Private Facebook Mastermind Group ($997 value)

You’ll also get access to my super-private mastermind group on Facebook, where you can ask me any question you like and I will personally answer it. This is NOT moderated by an “assistant” like most groups. I check this group every day and reply to questions personally. This is VERY valuable, since I no longer do private consulting, and reaching me personally would normally cost you MORE than this entire program.

#4 The “Masters of List Building” Videos ($497 value)

This bonus video training features some of the industry’s “masters of list building” talking about traffic from both a Big Picture and Magnifying Glass perspective. You’ll learn the proper mindset you need to get a large volume of traffic to convert into opt ins and buyers, in addition to detailed step-by-step training on how to make specific traffic sources profitable (including Facebook, Google, and YouTube). These Bonus Videos feature Deagan Smith, Jonathan Budd, and myself (Matt Lloyd).

PLUS… A Surprise Bonus Course Absolutely FREE! “My Email Marketing Empire”

My Email Marketing EmpireI may remove this bonus at any time, but if you join “10,000 Leads” today, I will give you “My Email Marketing Empire” course (worth $497) absolutely free.

The difference between “just getting by” and crushing it with your email marketing is all in HOW you market to your list, and this course will show how to manage your 10,000 person list once you have it.

You’ll learn:

  •          how often to mail your list (it’s NOT what you think…)
  •          what days of the week and what times of the day get you the most clicks and sales
  •          my all-time best “real life” subject lines and email copy that destroyed all my past sales records (yours to use for life)
  •          how to make yourself bulletproof to spam complaints
  •          how to setup an automated email sequence that will turn all the “maybes” on your list into rabid buyers
  •          the secret to getting emails done in 15 minutes, so you can get a full day’s pay in a fraction of the time

Now, the “real world” value of everything here adds up to $4,285 and I could easily charge that amount and be fully justified.

In fact, the strategies documented in just the “core training” of this program generated over $81,453 for my business.

Even if these strategies worked HALF as well for you… that’s still over $40,000 that you could earn just “following my lead.”

So, when you look at it that way $4,285 would be a STEAL.

(Note: You have to put in time and effort in order to get results, and this is not a guarantee of earnings.)

But, I’m not going to charge you $4,285.

I understand that might be a barrier for some of you, and I want you to be successful and become an active partner in my business, MOBE.

So for that reason, I will give you access to a special payment plan where you put down $397 today and then 5 more payments of $397 over the following months.

So you can either go with:

$1,997 (Save 20%)
$397 today
plus 5 monthly payments of $397

The choice is yours.

PLUS… A 125% Money Back Guarantee

I know what you’re thinking… “Uh, Matt. I think you meant to say 100% money back guarantee.”

If at the end of 30 days, you’re not happy with the number of leads you’re making with the “10,000 Leads” program, simply email me with proof that you tried 10 of the lessons, and…

I will send back your money PLUS an additional $500 for your time.

That works out to 125% of your investment (with the extra $500 out of my pocket).

Now, in order to qualify for this guarantee you have to try the system for at least 30 days and send me screenshots (or other proof) of you implementing at least 10 of the 100 lessons.

Fair enough?

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next…

Join the “10,000 Leads in 100 Days” program today.

Click on the Add to Cart button below now to get started.

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You can get in on the “10,000 Leads in 100 Day” program now at this low investment.

There’s just one catch…

You have to act fast.

I may decide to raise the price for this program at any time, remove some of the bonuses, or take it off the market completely.

I reveal a lot of “trade secrets” in this training – strategies like direct mail that I rarely talk about – and I also show you REAL numbers from my Infusion account and tracking platforms.

I don’t want too many people to see this, which is why you’ll have to sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) when you join.

I also may decide at some point soon that I can’t let anyone else “in” on these secrets without doing damage to my own business, and be forced to take “10,000 Leads” off the market.

Click on the Add to Cart button now to join while this is still available.

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Matt Lloyd

P.S. Zig Ziglar, the famous motivational speaker, once said “If I’d built a prospect and customer list when I started, I’d be making $50 million a year by now.” Don’t make the same mistake he did. The earlier you start building your list, the sooner you can start living the life of your dreams without “money worries.”

P.P.S. Remember, you get to watch “over my shoulder” as I walk you through click-by-click how to get 10,000 leads in 100 days (or less) even if you don’t have a big ad budget or “hacker-like” computer skills. You’ll learn 8 Free Traffic Secrets that get leads at NO COST to you… PLUS dozens of others “low cost” strategies that can give you a return on your investment of up to 100% or more!